Sunday, January 27, 2013

Warm winter quinoa salad

I hate salads.

Really, I do.

Except for chicken salad...and tuna salad....and fruit salad. Maybe Taco salad...if I am in the mood.

All the other ones, YUCK!  Just something about them I just do not like...the crunch maybe??

Anyway, I found another salad I do like.  There is not crunch.  It is warm.  It is yummy.

It is Food Babe's Winter Warm Quinoa Salad

It has arugula.  It has Quinoa.  It has tomato sauce.  And a few other things.  This is one that is a keeper.

Try it.  Even my husband, who can get picky, says "it is a make again, just not right away".  That means it is good. 

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