Monday, December 3, 2012

somewhat more normal

Well, it has been a few weeks now and I have been faithful (except yesterday) in taking all my vitamins and fish oil.  At first, I noticed that I did have more energy.  I was not sleeping all the time.  I also noticed that my mood did improve.  I did not feel so blah, so mean.  Now, I am not sure if I mentioned in the last post, but I have never felt sad.  Nope, never sad. Uninterested, yes. Sad, nope.

I also felt slightly motivated.  Not extremely motivated, but a little.  Now, this could be total coincidental, but hey, whatever it takes, right?!?

I spent the weekend in the mountains and had a wonderful time with my sister.  I love her to death, but she has issues of her own she needs to deal with.  Unfortunately, her mindset rubs off on me and now I feel about as blah as her.  Gonna pop the daily vitamin and get myself in a better mood.