Thursday, October 11, 2012

Candied Lemon peel

9-12 organic lemons
2 1/4 cups organic dehydrated cane juice
4 cups filtered water

- Peel the lemons. I actually had halved and juiced them first, but honestly it would be easier to score and peel so that most of the pith comes off easily.
- Remove any extra pith (the white stiff on the inside of the is bitter!) This can be done by using a sharp knife and scraping it off.
- Cut the peel into strips or whatever shape you want.  Since mine were already halved, I cut those halves into quarters.  All my pieces look like triangles.
- Put the pieces into 2 cups of the water and boil for about 20-30 min.
- Drain the lemon peels and set aside.
- In the saucepan, add the other 2 cups of water and 2 cups of the dehydrated cane juice.
- Heat and stir occasionally until the cane juice is melted.
- Add the peels and turn heat down so that it simmers.
- Simmer until the peels are translucent. Mine took about 45-50 min.
- Remove the peels and let cool on a plate about 10 minutes.
- Discard the liquid (or save as a simple sugar solution)
- Dreg the peels in the rest of the cane juice and store in a dry container.

This made about 1-1.5 cups of lemon candy!

Pomegranate Lemonade

This makes a gallon container worth of goodness!

2 cups organic dehydrated cane juice (I normally would use 3/4 tbl of liquid stevia, but I had the "sugar" water leftover)
1 cup pomegranate juice ( I used 100% pure)
1/2 - 3/4 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
Enough filtered water to fill to the top of the container

Mix above and enjoy!!

No wasting here!

I scored some organic lemons today at Kroger!

Ten lemons for $2.29.  Not too bad.

I gave one to my son who sucked the juice and ate the pulp out of it.

Nine of them I juiced.  I got about 1 and 1/2 cups of juice.

Three of those I zested and froze the zest.
Those three I halved and have in the freezer for cleaning purposes.  Ya know, like scrubbing the tub with baking soda.

The remaining six I peeled the pith off and made candied lemon peels.  

I really did not want to waste the sugar water that was used for the candy so I decided to use some of the juice, added some pomegranate juice, and the sugar water and made pomegranate lemonade!

Oh and the pith and the one lemon my son ate?  I put down the disposal to freshen it up.  I literally only threw away the seeds!

DD2 came home from marching band practice and said that she could smell the lemons OUTSIDE!  I guess it is better that the house smells like lemons than something yucky!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A member of "The Trailblazers"

Yeah, that is what I am.

I met with my professor yesterday.  She started off by saying that I did not have the lowest grade in the class.  That was not reassuring as the lowest grade was achieved by my study partner. 

Nice, huh?

The teacher jokingly said she needed to come up with a name for us.  I said, "How about 'The Caboose' since we are bringing up the rear?"  She laughed and said no.  Then she said, "I am going to call you two "The Trailblazers" because we are going to blaze through this class and improve our grades.

This then was followed by more discussion that basically said she hopes we get Ls.  Ls are the grade right above Fs, people.  I feel so encouraged (sarcastic tone here).  The grading scale is different here in grad school. There are no A,B,C,D,F.  It is H,P,L,F.  Stupid, really.

So why did I do poorly even though I felt I understood the concepts? It all boils down to the fact that I really did not get to develop critical thinking skills needed for grad school.  Since I only have my associates degree in nursing, I missed much theory work. The program I attended was mostly clinical based.

Oh well.  I will get through this horrible class.  I am hoping for a P, but will settle for an L.  An H is out of reach now.  Boohoo.