Saturday, September 15, 2012

This mama is going non-toxic! step at a time!

I like to take in "What about Bob?"  Remember that movie?  Netflix it. It is a must see.  I use that "babysteps" method so often in my life.

I digress.

Ok, so I finished watching "Chemerical" this morning. It is a documentary (can I tell you that I am a documentary JUNKIE!!!) and it is about this family that chose to remove toxic household products and toxic personal products from their home for three months.

Oh goodness, it was good.  Even the man thought it was interesting...who knew he was listening while reclined in the chair with a blanket over him and his eyes closed!

It was motivating, I tell you!

Here a few reasons I am motivated.  First off, I just added another bill to the mix so we HAVE to start sticking to a budget.  Homemade cleaners are cheap people! 

Another big reason is that in the past year, my arthritis has gotten worse, our boy was diagnosed with kidney disease, and I may soon be diagnosed with celiac disease (bloodwork is positive, awaiting the endoscopy for final diagnosis).  I think the change cannot hurt!

The plan is this.  We will continue to use the supplies we have until they run out and then replace them with the homemade ones.  This will be super cheap for us since we have LOADS of baking soda and white vinegar already on hand, thanks to my husband being a science teacher and teaching a summer workshop where he needed these items.

What is typical of me?  I got all gung ho about it and what did I do?  Spent an hour scrubbing the shower with ajax.  Hey it needed it...BAD!  My fingers are wonky feeling, but the shower is clean..AND the ajax is almost gone.  Less exposure for the kids since it is the master shower.  Gotta think positive!

Hopefully I will keep motivated with this.  First the house, second our personal items along with our food.  I think it can be long as we do it in babysteps.

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