Monday, September 3, 2012

I can do it!

I have slacked off this past weekend.

I was supposed to be doing homework and getting caught up on all that is due for school.  I got as far as organizing my stuff.

I, instead, got caught up on laundry, cleaned up the house some, visited with friends, and even made a some good dinners.  (stuffed green peppers and chicken and dumplings...yum!)

As I was being a good wife, homemaker, and mom, I began getting more and more discouraged.  How was I going to be able to keep up with grad school when I am needed to do all this at home PLUS work a full time job, with occasional overtime?

I really was thinking this, not really praying this, but in doing so a wonderful sense of calm came over me (as I was folding the laundry!)  I got the feeling/thought "If a single mom can do a household, take care of kids, work, and go to grad school, you can too".  That is absolutely right.  Single moms do it all the time and they do not always have the help of a husband and kids, if their kids are little.  I have a husband (although one with ADD who at times is like having another absentminded kid) and two kids in high school. There is NO reason I should feel like I cannot succeed at grad school.  I am sure there will be nights with very little sleep because I was catching up on laundry and preparing meals while thinking about cell mitosis and health care policies but I can do this!  I just need to get my act organized and get moving!

Please comment if you are like me, a crazed mom, with a somewhat lazy husband and kids, who is attempting grad school with a full time job...I could really, REALLY use the support!

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