Monday, September 24, 2012

Easier on than in

It really is easier to go non-toxic ON my body that IN my body. 

I am slowly switching over my cleaners (pay no attention to the new bottle of dishwasher liquid under the sink).  I am liking the no poo method of washing my hair.  I have even toyed with the idea of making my own toothpaste.  If I am not going anywhere and I am not doing much around the house (i.e. studying for HOURS on end), then I forgo the deodorant.  I do not use perfume (major headache when I do) and I do not even own a single bottle of hair styling product. 

Yeah, I would say that going non-toxic on my body isn't so bad.

Going non-toxic IN my body...well, that is another issue.  That is hard to do.  How am I to resist Little Debbie and all her delicious snacks.  Have you seen those "bat brownies" she has out for halloween?  Those are some yummy bats, I tell you. 

I am trying though.  Kinda.  You see, I have that endoscopy coming up and I want the test to have true results.  I do not want to start eating all healthy and then the results be mixed.

Yes, I am reaching.

It is so easy to reach for a small bag of chips on my way out the door for work than it is to bag some carrots and an ice pack.  I do need to do better though. Really, I do.  I feel horrible and tired most days and I know that if I just ate better I would feel better.  I am hoping that outing myself as a food slob that maybe it will encourage me to start to do better.

I guess it is good that I at least am doing better with on the body.

Babysteps, folks.  Babysteps.

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