Friday, September 28, 2012

well, I failed.

My first exam in the hardest class has been graded and I failed.  I failed it even after the curve.  I am a bit numb about it.  I knew I did poorly, but wow, that was a bad grade!

I am allowing myself a little time tonight to reflect and go through the emotions that is normal to go through for failure then I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and move on.  After all, there is nothing I can do about it now, is there?

Since I am really an optimistic person at heart, I refuse to let this get me down.  It just means I needs to re-prioritize my life a bit.  Obviously I have not put school high enough on the list of priorities and if I still plan on continuing on with grad school, I must do so.  Yes, the thought has crossed my mind to quit school...this was thought before the exam too.  This means that I have to revamp my whole life and really make cuts in areas that I previously did not cut.  Things that I normally may think are super important may need to be moved to the slightly important list in my brain.  Things that I do not find important, but enjoy, may need to be forgotten about until after each semester.  Not ALL things though!  What a really crazy person I would be then if I did not have at least some pleasure in life!

This also means I need to pray.  I need to get my rear end back in church!  Of course this weekend I am unable to attend due to work, but I need to be listening to the podcasts on the weeks I cannot attend.  I need to break out my Bible and start reading.

I need to create a time schedule for things and stick to it. 

I think I will still keep the blog, even though no one reads it but me!  It is like a release for me.  A way to organize my thoughts in a sort of way. 

I also need to end this post and get started on what I just typed about!   Have a great night all!  Until next time...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Easier on than in

It really is easier to go non-toxic ON my body that IN my body. 

I am slowly switching over my cleaners (pay no attention to the new bottle of dishwasher liquid under the sink).  I am liking the no poo method of washing my hair.  I have even toyed with the idea of making my own toothpaste.  If I am not going anywhere and I am not doing much around the house (i.e. studying for HOURS on end), then I forgo the deodorant.  I do not use perfume (major headache when I do) and I do not even own a single bottle of hair styling product. 

Yeah, I would say that going non-toxic on my body isn't so bad.

Going non-toxic IN my body...well, that is another issue.  That is hard to do.  How am I to resist Little Debbie and all her delicious snacks.  Have you seen those "bat brownies" she has out for halloween?  Those are some yummy bats, I tell you. 

I am trying though.  Kinda.  You see, I have that endoscopy coming up and I want the test to have true results.  I do not want to start eating all healthy and then the results be mixed.

Yes, I am reaching.

It is so easy to reach for a small bag of chips on my way out the door for work than it is to bag some carrots and an ice pack.  I do need to do better though. Really, I do.  I feel horrible and tired most days and I know that if I just ate better I would feel better.  I am hoping that outing myself as a food slob that maybe it will encourage me to start to do better.

I guess it is good that I at least am doing better with on the body.

Babysteps, folks.  Babysteps.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No poo now too?!?

To go along with our my non-toxic venture, I have decided to attempt to remove the toxins I put ON my body.  I already use organic soap. LOVE my soap. A friend from high school has a soap business and her soaps are all natural, even organic possibly. I just know her soaps are the best!  Check out Bodygoodies.

Ok, enough of the commercial.  But, seriously, I love her soaps and they are the only ones I use when showering.

I have also just got on the "no poo" kick.  My hair normally gets greasy fairly quick so I have trained it and usually only wash it about three times a week.  This has helped so much!  Now I have even gotten rid of the shampoo.  Late last week I gave up the shampoo.  I have now washed it without shampoo twice now and I LOVE it.

Here is what I do:  I get my hair wet.  I then have a container where I put maybe 1/8 cup of baking soda in it and mix with some water to make a paste.  I do not really measure the baking soda so it may be a little less than 1/8 cup. I have long hair (about 3/4 the length of my back) so those with short hair could really use less. I have read a tablespoon even. With the baking soda, I put a small amount onto different areas on my scalp and rub in. I make sure I get all the scalp, around the ears, etc.  I then take the rest and just spread around the hair. I then rinse it out.

Second:  I then take a wash cloth with some of my soap (currently it is a soap made from beer...and I have heard beer is good for hair, so I may order more just to use for my hair) and rub around my hair for a few seconds.  It has minimal lathering but thats okay.

Third: I have an old cup in the shower and in this I put some apple cider vinegar.  About half an inch in the cup (maybe 1/8 cup?). I dilute with water. I just fill the cup up with water and swirl to mix. I then pour over my hair and make sure it runs through the hair. 

Fourth: I then rinse my hair with some warm water and then I am done.

It is so easy!  It does take maybe a minute more in the shower.  My hair is so easy to comb through too! Since my hair is so long, I was afraid it would be too tangled and I would have to go back to the conditioner at least.  Nope, it is actually just as easy to comb through.  My hair has slightly more volume too.  It is super soft and does not feel limp.  It even looks good the second day. Normally I would have to wear my hair up the second day because the roots look a tad greasy. So far, I can wear my hair down a second day too.

It does have a slight vinegar smell to it while it is wet.  That smell does remain just a little bit after it dries too. It goes away though.  I have heard that you can add some essential oil drops to help with the smell, but I have not done that.

Hopefully I am just as enthusiastic about it in a few weeks.  I shall let you know.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This mama is going non-toxic! step at a time!

I like to take in "What about Bob?"  Remember that movie?  Netflix it. It is a must see.  I use that "babysteps" method so often in my life.

I digress.

Ok, so I finished watching "Chemerical" this morning. It is a documentary (can I tell you that I am a documentary JUNKIE!!!) and it is about this family that chose to remove toxic household products and toxic personal products from their home for three months.

Oh goodness, it was good.  Even the man thought it was interesting...who knew he was listening while reclined in the chair with a blanket over him and his eyes closed!

It was motivating, I tell you!

Here a few reasons I am motivated.  First off, I just added another bill to the mix so we HAVE to start sticking to a budget.  Homemade cleaners are cheap people! 

Another big reason is that in the past year, my arthritis has gotten worse, our boy was diagnosed with kidney disease, and I may soon be diagnosed with celiac disease (bloodwork is positive, awaiting the endoscopy for final diagnosis).  I think the change cannot hurt!

The plan is this.  We will continue to use the supplies we have until they run out and then replace them with the homemade ones.  This will be super cheap for us since we have LOADS of baking soda and white vinegar already on hand, thanks to my husband being a science teacher and teaching a summer workshop where he needed these items.

What is typical of me?  I got all gung ho about it and what did I do?  Spent an hour scrubbing the shower with ajax.  Hey it needed it...BAD!  My fingers are wonky feeling, but the shower is clean..AND the ajax is almost gone.  Less exposure for the kids since it is the master shower.  Gotta think positive!

Hopefully I will keep motivated with this.  First the house, second our personal items along with our food.  I think it can be long as we do it in babysteps.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I can do it!

I have slacked off this past weekend.

I was supposed to be doing homework and getting caught up on all that is due for school.  I got as far as organizing my stuff.

I, instead, got caught up on laundry, cleaned up the house some, visited with friends, and even made a some good dinners.  (stuffed green peppers and chicken and dumplings...yum!)

As I was being a good wife, homemaker, and mom, I began getting more and more discouraged.  How was I going to be able to keep up with grad school when I am needed to do all this at home PLUS work a full time job, with occasional overtime?

I really was thinking this, not really praying this, but in doing so a wonderful sense of calm came over me (as I was folding the laundry!)  I got the feeling/thought "If a single mom can do a household, take care of kids, work, and go to grad school, you can too".  That is absolutely right.  Single moms do it all the time and they do not always have the help of a husband and kids, if their kids are little.  I have a husband (although one with ADD who at times is like having another absentminded kid) and two kids in high school. There is NO reason I should feel like I cannot succeed at grad school.  I am sure there will be nights with very little sleep because I was catching up on laundry and preparing meals while thinking about cell mitosis and health care policies but I can do this!  I just need to get my act organized and get moving!

Please comment if you are like me, a crazed mom, with a somewhat lazy husband and kids, who is attempting grad school with a full time job...I could really, REALLY use the support!