Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse

Yes, we are preparing.

No, we are not serious....maybe.

We joke about it, me and the man and kids, and even my sister chimes in.

But have we reached a point where we might not be joking?

It now has morphed into our friends joking with us too.

We have a bug out location.  We even have my sister's roommate labeled as the front line "bate" for us so we can getaway...(she does not know this...shhhh).

We have guns, we have bows and arrows. We even have practiced with them.

We joke when we see "the perfect" getaway car and make pretend plans to buy it.  

In the midst of our joking, we have developed a plan of sorts.


I like it.

(and yes, I picked up a few hours of work last night...during my vacation...and I am sleep deprived...hence this post)    ;-P

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