Friday, August 31, 2012

Quinoa Spinach and Walnut Stirfry

Oh this was a pretty yummy and easy recipe! 

Although I must admit, I need practice on toasting took me 3 tries before I got walnuts that were not burnt to a crisp.

  • cup quinoa

  • tablespoon olive oil

  • teaspoon minced garlic

  • 1/2  teaspoon salt

  • cups water

  • ounces fresh baby spinach

  • cup grape or cherry tomatoes, halved

  • 1/2  cup walnut pieces, toasted

  • 1/2  cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

  •   Basil leaves-optional

  • Prep Time - 5
  • Cook Time - 30
  1. Place quinoa in small bowl, add water to cover, and swish to rinse. Pour into fine mesh strainer and drain well.
  2. Heat oil in large skillet. Add quinoa. Cook, stirring, over medium heat until golden, about 10 minutes. Add garlic and cook, stirring, 1 minute. Add salt and 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and cook over medium-low until water is absorbed, about 15 minutes.
  3. Add spinach and tomatoes. Cook over medium heat until spinach is almost wilted and tomatoes are warmed, about 1 minute. Stir in walnuts and cheese. Garnish with basil leaves.
Recipe courtesy of Health Barn USA.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse

Yes, we are preparing.

No, we are not serious....maybe.

We joke about it, me and the man and kids, and even my sister chimes in.

But have we reached a point where we might not be joking?

It now has morphed into our friends joking with us too.

We have a bug out location.  We even have my sister's roommate labeled as the front line "bate" for us so we can getaway...(she does not know this...shhhh).

We have guns, we have bows and arrows. We even have practiced with them.

We joke when we see "the perfect" getaway car and make pretend plans to buy it.  

In the midst of our joking, we have developed a plan of sorts.


I like it.

(and yes, I picked up a few hours of work last night...during my vacation...and I am sleep deprived...hence this post)    ;-P

I feel so bad...

As of this posting, my boys (aka "the beagle boys) are in a bus in the parking lot of the local walmart about to get their "beans" wacked. 

I feel so bad...not because of the surgery, but because every time I take the boys on a car ride it is to ultimate doom. Other than a trip to the mountains to meet their oldest human "sister" (my husband hates that I say they are also our children...which is probably why I keep on saying it!), they have only gone to the vet.

Poor things.

At least my 5 yr old girl dog will have some reprieve from their antics.  She is the ultimate lap dog.  They think pestering her is the ultimate fun!

I think when they fully recover a nice trip to a park is in order...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School, puppies, vacation

The two kiddos at home and the man have started school this week. The boy is now a highschooler!  So far he likes his classes.  Being a typical boy that he his, he came home the first day and stated that he learned he is allergic to sperm.  Oh vey!  He meant pollen of course.  Oh and his German name is Helmut...pronounced Helmet.  He LOVES it!  LOL!

My senior girl is doing just as well.  She has not proclaimed any shocking things as her brother, but she has had me busy with fees and forms. It seems that in order for her to have an off campus lunch pass, the form needs to be notarized.  What a pain in the rear!  Now we are car shopping so that she can provide her and her brother their own transportation.  This is going to be costly, but will so much more convenient for us.  The cost for a parking pass at the HIGH SCHOOL???  $170.  For real!

You want to know what is keeping even more busy than the kids' school and my own school?
I have to admit, I sure do like these boys, but oh goodness, it is like having a newborn in the house all over again.  They are into the sibling rivalry age right now and are trying to show who is dominant.  One show resulted in a midnight trip to the doggie ED.  No real injury...just a broken baby tooth and broken toenail.  I now walk around the house with a whistle around my neck ready to break up any "wrestling gone bad" fights.  I am hoping that getting them neutered will calm their fighting...we shall see.

On top of all this, I just discovered this morning that we have fleas.  Seriously?  We havent had them all summer and now I am having to deal with them?  Well, at least I am on vacation this week and have the time to treat. I just put that Frontline on all the dogs and not even 2 days later I see the fleas. ARGH!

And onto my vacation.  I try to take vacation the first week of the kids' school year.  I have done this every year since my almost 20 year old started kindergarten.  Some years I am only able to take the first 2-3 days off, but this year it WAS the whole week...until the boss called and needs me to come in tonight.  Luckily, I am able to only do the first half of the shift and someone else will finish the shift.  7pm-1am isnt too bad.  Then I can still be home to take the kids to school in the morning.

Things to do on my vacations?  Schoolwork, organize, canning, relaxing.  Not in any order, although I make sure I am relaxing!  LOL!

How are you spending this end of summer?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

...and these are the days of our lives

Much has happened in the life of my family since I last posted.  Although, how could it not since the last post was in April! 

Jacob continues in remission. Praise the Lord!  The protein and red blood cells in his urine continue to get lower and lower.  His next visit in November will decide if he needs to continue with the blood pressure medication.  If he stops that then the only medication he will take is his multivitamin and the fish oil!  We are beyond happy!

My girls are doing well. One quit college (I am so proud...insert sarcasm tone here) and moved to Asheville to follow her dreams of becoming a hair stylist/colorer.  Why Asheville? That is where her friends are located so she will attend a community college there...once there is an opening in the program.  UGH!  My other daughter is getting ready to start her senior year in high school. So far the only thing she is bugging me about is getting another piercing...I can handle that. 

We joined a gym!  Ok, so the sentence reads more excited that I am, but it isnt that bad.  I need to get "buff" as my 17 yo DD says.  We all need to get "buff".  Jacob likes it because they have cable tv and he can ride a bike or walk on a treadmill and watch whatever he chooses.  I like it because they have really old people there working out so I wont look like a complete idiot.  I like that there are not the "golds gym" guys walking around intimidating those of us who look fat and frumpy!  This will be an adventure for sure!!

Nothing really is new with my dear husband.  He still has not gone through his massive room of destruction and gotten it organized. THAT drives me batty!  I think I am going to start bit by bit and organize it.  He probably will not even notice it until I am close to done.

As far as me.  I am gearing up to begin my first official semester of grad school.  I am not sure if I am excited or not.  My health is pretty much the only thing that has changed.  My rheumatoid arthritis has been giving me issues but nothing too major.  I am still having GI issues.  This has been going on since the beginning of the year.  I have had a colonoscopy done. I have had specimens examined. I have been given medications and probiotics to try. I have had bloodwork drawn.  So far it was suggested it might be irritable bowel, maybe my gall bladder, but the bloodwork has now come back positive for celiac disease.  To confirm this diagnosis I now have to have an endoscopy.  UGH!  Our family has already had a diet change to a low sodium one.  Now we (ok, me) may have to start a gluten free one?  I have been reading up on it just in case this is really the diagnosis.  Oh boy, I am hoping it isnt!  The symptoms do add up though.  Anyone have some good gluten free recipes to share? 

So, overall, in the grand scheme of things, life is not too bad.  My boy is still better, I have a great marriage (Oh I forgot to mention that we celebrated our 20th anniversary this past May!), and my girls are doing well too.  Life is good and will get even better!