Sunday, April 15, 2012

wow, just wow

I had heard from several people that Europe was a dead area. Dead as in Christianity is dead in that part of the world. I didn't disbelieve it, but I did think, "How can an area that was so vibrant in their love for Christ and God be so dead now?"

Well, I was just on facebook and am blown away by something I read. A cousin of mine who lives in Europe commented on a picture on one of her friend's wall. How it got posted on my wall since I have no clue who she is is beyond me, but it did. Anyway, the picture is of a cat, a cat who apparently is sick. Not sure. What blew me away is what the friend wrote. Here it is:

"i read long ago in a science mag. that prayers really work esp. when you know someone is praying for you so i need all your amazing energy to send him. Thank you just a positive visual in your heart will do"

Wow, really? It was read in a science magazine? This was not taught to the person. This person obviously has never prayed much and probably does not even know about God. I felt so bad for her. I wonder if they know who they should pray to?

Another sad part?? The responses she got. "sending love" "sending rays of sunlight and love" and more to that extend. Wow. One person said they were sending prayers. ONE.

I am dumbfounded. I am speechless. Wow.

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