Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My life will never be normal (I love my kids)

Well, I always kinda wondered, in back of my tiny mind, if "not your normal mama" is a good title for this blog. Yeah, I think it is...maybe. You see, I long for normalacy. I really do. I would love to have the big white house with the white picket fence out front. I would love to live in a "stepford" community, or at least experience it for a little while. I want the girly girls and the somewhat jock of a son. I think I want these things because they are something I have never experienced, even while growing up. I need to stop the dream, because it will never happen. Why, do you ask? Well, because I just am not meant to be normal, I guess. When one is discussing her canning ventures and then in the next second breaks out into singing and dancing to "apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur", I think its safe to say all hope is lost for becoming normal. I guess if I had a stroke it could occur. Like the person who had a stroke and woke up gay. It can happen.

Another reason my dream for normalacy will probably never happen. My weirdness (and my husband's weirdness) has rubbed off onto my kids. Let me just say this, I thought I was a bit strange. I have had others call me strange, eccentric, weird, etc. at times, but my kids, my kids put me to shame.

I liken myself to weird Al, you all remember him, right? I am square. I am awkward. That song, "white and nerdy"? That is me. My hippie-like sister has agreed. My kids....

I have all my kids at home right now. I am the only one awake. I have time to think as I wait for the washer to be ready to switch over loads. I have time to think as I am stalling on doing my homework. What am I thinking about? My kids...and how not normal they are. And how much I love them.

Let's start with my youngest. My baby boy. He has turned into a "bronie". Do you know what a bronie is? Google it. (ok, I will tell you. A bronie is a boy who likes my little ponies.) These ponies are not like the ones we grew up on. These ones talk like grown men, at least they did on the clip I saw. It is strange, it kinda scared me. He is also writing a novel at the young age of thirteen. A novel about zombie ponies. I have not read it yet, but it is really good I have been told. Really, really good (and this is coming from adults).

My middle one, maybe she is my normal one?!? She has stopped coloring her hair all freakish colors. It is now black. BUT, her natural hair color is really only a shade lighter than black. She only has her nose pierced (so far) She has been begging me to let her get something else pierced. I have been holding out. I want a normal kid, remember? She dresses normal. She has even begun going to youth group and is dating a respectable Christian boy from a very nice family. She is normal, right? Well, we just went to visit the college she will be attending after she graduates in 2013. Mortuary school. Yep, you read it here, folks, my almost normal child has picked the funeral science career. I am so proud. (It actually does not bother me. It pays well once you get established and you figure, there is always work...)

And then there is my oldest child. My firstborn. She is the one in college. She will be 20 this year. She is in her second year of college. She *thinks* she is going to major in anthropology. That will get her a job with benefits we are hoping. After college, she is going to spend another year at cosmetology school to get a diploma in what she REALLY wants to do. Cut and color hair. She agrees she should have a 4 yr degree because she knows she will probably not make much money with hair. Sounds somewhat normal right? Well, at almost 20 she still colors her hair freakish colors. Currently it is orchard..her most normal in awhile. She has several facial piercings...nose, eyebrow, and snakebites (know what those are?? the ones at the bottom of your lips, like a snakebite). She has no interest in looking normal. Thankfully she has decided against teaching. Can you imagine a teacher walking in with purple hair and facial piercings?? LOL!

There are some other things that make my children extremely weird, but I am not going to go into them here. I did at one time, but now am editing it out. TMI I believe.

I think the above descriptions pretty much seal in my fate as never being normal. I just reread all of it. I think this post has been pretty cathartic for me. It has given me a chance to really put things in perspective. I really do love my kids. They are good kids. They have topped me in the weirdness department though. I am learning from them (no..lol..not how to increase my weirdness factor), learning much more about acceptance. I always thought I was really accepting of the different. My reaction to my kids has really shown me how closed minded and negative I have been. How "normal" I was beginning to become (I dont know many normal parents that would be accepting of their children like this). I dont think I want to be normal. I love my kids and even though they are freaks in their own ways, they are genuinely good kids. I really think I would rather have them like this than have them act in the "normal" way that society accepts people but then be strung out on who knows what and needing rehab of some sort by the age of 20.

The end.

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