Saturday, April 7, 2012

American cheese.

If you read this blog, you may notice that I am on a quest for healthier foods. I opened the fridge this morning and saw an old package of American cheese and thought, "this stuff has to be processed". That glance got me started.

Yes, the cheese was processed. According to wikipedia (ok, I know they arent a reputable source, but I think they are pretty dead on with this topic), American cheese was once known as American Cheddar. Just about since its creation, it has been inferior to the known cheddar and also cheaper, but I bet it was real cheese back in the colonial days!

Also, American cheese cannot be just labeled "cheese". It must be labeled as "processed cheese" or "cheese food". Interesting. I wont go into all the details about whats in it, but some brands do use milk.

This thought train then got me thinking, "there has to be some place that makes real American cheese...and I want to try it." Well, after a quick google, I found out that the company Organic Valley will begin distributing organic, nonprocessed American cheese. If I read correctly, they are the only company that has it. The slices will even be divided by small pieces of "earth-friendly" parchment paper. I am just a bit excited. I am sure it will be costly, but still, much healthier for my family!

If anyone else knows of where I can get some real American cheese, please let me know!

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