Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another gun and the blah continues

Goodness gracious! I need to get out of this frame of mind! Too much to do and no motivation to do it. I blame my work atmostphere. Lots of junk going on there that it can make anyone depressed (and paranoid...but we shan't go into all that!) And the weather. I also blame the yucky, dreary, gloomy days. Yep, work and weather, those I blame.

So another week has passed and nothing has been done. In fact, we had take out most of the week. Hardly any real foods going on in this house! I get so mad but it is my own fault so I just need to deal with it! I did manage to get my last shamrock shake in for the year yesterday. Some people celebrate St. Patty's Day with alcohol, I celebrate with milkshakes. To each their own. I did come across a homemade version of the shamrock shake once, I should dig it out of these days.

Oh, the gun. I almost forgot about the gun! It is actually a rifle. The husband's hunting rifle. He went up the road to another gun store to check out what they had and they had the one he was looking at back in January. He did not want to miss out on it a second time so he snagged it. He now has a mossberg maverick 30.06. I am excited. Now to find one for me...darn me being left handed!

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