Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Well, I think I failed at the first attempt of making Kombucha.


I was so excited to try it! I placed it in the fridge Saturday evening after running around with my baby girl. I let it chill until Sunday evening. I take out sample glasses and begin to pour. I had the family gather around for the taste test.

(I had never even tasted this stuff before. I just know it is super uber good for you and with the health issues in our family, I was just thinking, GO FOR IT!)

I take one jar out. I open it and can see the tiny fizzy goodness inside. I remove the little film on top and set aside (I do not remember what I was supposed to do with it so it just sat there). I poured a little bit into each cup.

We smelled it. "Hmmm...interesting", my husband says as the kids look to him for courage to take a sip.

We sip slowly. The kids look to me and announce that it tastes like vinegar. WHAT?!? I tried to convince them to try again. Nope. The room cleared faster than I have ever seen.

It isn't BAD tasting. Just not something I want to sit and sip from. It does have a sort of apple vinegar taste to it. I am so bummed! I have been researching what could have gone wrong. I think what I did was let it ferment too long. I did read that I can use it in place of vinegar so I am not throwing it out. I hope the SCOBY is okay. I still have some reading to do. Currently the mama SCOBY is in the fridge chilling in about 25% of the liquid. I don't want to throw "her" out and start over, but I will if need be. I will update for sure!

Now, what are some good recipes that use, oh say, a gallon of vinegar!

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