Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kombucha update: we have a winner!

So, I decided this past Monday to try again at making kombucha. I let it ferment only until Friday. I tasted it...yummy! It was fizzy; it was a little tangy; IT WAS GOOD!

So what did I do? I grabbed that gallon jug and put it in the fridge to deal with yesterday. Yep, call me Mrs. Procrastination! (Ok, I will be fair, I remember at 6:45 about it and was heading to a church function so I really didnt procrastinate...kinda)

Yesterday, I grabbed my jars and the gallon of kombucha and some cran-grape juice and got pouring. I added about an inch of juice to the bottom of quart jars and then filled the rest with kombucha (with an inch of headspace) and put a lid on and put back in the fridge.

Last night we tried it. The boy was spending the night at a friend's house so he hasnt tried it yet, but I am guessing he will like it. The man and I thought it was good. The picky baby girl described it as "delicious". Yep, we have a winner, folks!

I will be starting another batch soon enough...maybe even today!

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