Saturday, February 25, 2012

I did it! Yep, sure did!

I started exercising. Ok, so I started only today, but at least I started right?

We have a wii and we also have wii fit. It is okay. It does make me mad how every time I step on it to get weighed it makes a grunting sound. I really dont think it means anything (I mean, it IS just a video game), but it still pisses me off! Well, the man brought home an accessory to the wii fit. Active something or other. It was clearanced down to about $10 and who doesnt love a clearance?!?

So today was the day that he made us all get up and exercise. He did it (and yelled at the tv about half of the time...I giggled). Then the boy did it and complained some, and then the baby girl tried. She complained a little, but not too much. My turn...I tried to get out of it by saying I was writing a paper, but I knew I could set aside 20 minutes to do it.

So, I started. And I yelled at the tv. The stupid digital instructor made me mad!

Did I enjoy it? Eh. It was okay. But honestly, I feel so much better, energized after the workout and a shower. Even the twinge in my back seems to feel better! I guess working out CAN be good for you ;)

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