Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another CRUD?!? REALLY?!

Ok, so my head cold morphed into something else. I personally think the flu, but who knows. Tonight I am feeling a little better, but I thought that Tuesday night when I went to work...and then had to leave three hours later because I was too sick to do much. I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics (yeah I know. antibiotics dont work on the flu but I didnt think it was the flu until I went to work and another nurse mentioned it...and yes, I got the flu shot...go figure). Damn these medications I take for RA!! Seriously...three weeks of this crap!

So, here I am sitting here and whenever I attempt to do anything, I get tired and then take a nap. Of course the nurse in me (who also is in a public health rotation for school) is freaking out and wanting to scrub the house to disinfect it. It also does not help that I am currently watching the movie, Contagion, as I type this post. CRAZY! I will be neurotic by tomorrow for sure now.

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