Sunday, January 29, 2012

and "organize" is my word?

Goodness! This head cold has got me down! This is about day 10 of it. Because of it, I have slacked off big time in getting organized! All I have done in the past week was work and homework. I am still not caught up on all the homework that I was behind on. I still have about a chapter and a half to go and to think that I have another two chapters that I need to read this week! ARGH!

I need to get my act together and get some organizing done! Our meals are sorely lacking also because I have been sick. The man has pretty much taken care of meals, aka: take out, for most of this past week. That will change this week!

Ok, not a very organized post, but one mainly to vent! Tomorrow is another day. I will get last week's homework done and get myself a list of things to do for the week so I can be organized by the end of my workweek (Thursday morning!)

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