Sunday, November 13, 2011

The boy is home!

We made it home last night. We are all so happy! I just fixed up an old pill box my mom had...poor kid has to take so much medicine. One for his blood pressure, another for his blood pressure and it is a water pill, another to help the stomach irritation from the steroid he also has to take. The steroid dose is 6 pills! My poor baby, but he is home and that we are thankful for. He is upset that he cannot go back to school until Wednesday. The doctor wants him to rest and then we have a follow up appointment on Tuesday where we hopefully will find out all the biopsy results. I pray there is not permanent damageto his kidneys where this will be a chronic condition. We are praying all these medications will be a temporary thing. He also has to follow a low salt diet...2grams of sodium is all he is allowed to have in a day...that is going to be hard since he is a teenage boy who likes his cheese! Plus the steroids have already started increasing his appetite (a very common side effect). The whole ride home last night and up until about 9pm all we kept hearing is, "Oh gosh, I am so hungry. I am starved!" grocery bill is going to be huge I have a feeling. As soon as he wakes up we are going to plan a menu for the week so we can account for his sodium intake.

With our increasing grocery bill now that he will be "starving", I really need to get back to using coupons on a more regular basis. This will help keep the bill lower. I plan on going to Aldi and creating a price book for that since I like to do most of my shopping there. If I see a sale price on something elsewhere, I can see if Aldi has it cheaper and if not, then I can grab it with a coupon at the other place. Speaking of coupons, I was on a little coupon high last night and still excited this morning and I know you all will appreciate it. So his Prevacid was going to cost us just over $60 for a month and that was after insurance. I was not about to pay that when I know it is over the counter now. We were at walgreens and they wanted almost $30 for what would be a 22 day supply for him. I still did not want to pay that since his blood pressure med already cost $40 and the other 2 were still about $20 together. So I walked out. I went home, looked up on which pharmacy had a sale on Prevacid and what week had coupons. Off to CVS I went...after a sale price, coupons, and mail in rebates, I was able to score enough for 28 days worth for FREE!!!! Of course I had to pay about $36 up front, but I will be getting that back. WOOHOO!! LOL! How cool is that?

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