Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh goodness, it's gonna blow!

Well, at least that is what it sounds like right now! I bought me an All American pressure canner. Yep, I sure did. Today is the first time I have EVER used a pressure canner. I have only done hot water baths. Oh goodness...this thing sounds like it is gonna blow!

It is making me nervous!


I think I am gonna stay out of the kitchen for the next 50 minutes. Oh goodness...why do I do this to myself? Kroger has perfectly good sweet potatoes that I could buy....without stress. Heck, I bet I can even get some at Aldi for a better price...

Please pray for me that my nerves can stand the rest of this first time canning experience!

UPDATE: I was going to type an update, but instead I am just gonna copy and paste what I sent to a friend about this experience.

"Girl, what an experience this has become! So, I decided to break open the box and can my sweet potatoes using the All American canner I bought. Ok, so mine does NOT have an arrow on the base. I looked EVERYWHERE. There is a little notch-like line that is about an inch long, but no arrow. I also should have watched the video again. I get them all in the jars and after spending 5 minutes trying to get the lid adjusted and calling hubby out for help, I get started. Now mind you, I have NO CLUE what I am doing. It is about 25 minutes into it and hubby mentions that when his mom canned, the weight sputtered and mine wasnt. I had no clue why. Then he asks, "what is the temp on?" DUH! I had it on high and it was now 45 min into it. I run in there scared to death the darn thing is going to explode on me and turn the heat down. Now I am afraid it is going to run out of water. Needless to say, I am about 65 min into it and the sputtering is slowing down ALOT! I am nervous I am going to run out of water so after him hawing about 5 minutes, I turn the darn thing off and let the pressure go to zero. I open it up...PLENTY OF WATER. Stupid! I turned the heat down too much! Now I am mad. So here it is over 2 hours later and now I am processing them again. New lids, new water in the canner, and now it is heating up again. Oh and did I mention that I put the weight on as soon as I put the lid on? I didn't let it vent for 10 minutes like the directions said so when I thought I had 25 minutes left, I guess I really had 35 minutes left. ARGH!!!! Bright side is...learning experience!"

Update on that: Out of 7 jars....six made it. Overall, I am happy. The one that didn't seal is in the fridge to be eaten soon. This morning I am canning some more...hope all 7 of these seal!

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