Saturday, October 1, 2011

I think I am normal...

I really do!

My family (and sometimes my friends) do NOT think I am normal. This, they say, is why they love me.

In all seriousness, although many things about me "seem" abnormal, I really believe I share traits with many other moms out there. They just keep their weirdness underwraps, where as I like to sometimes "fly my freak flag", so to speak.

Below are some (not all) things that "might" make me not normal:

For instance, my son says that I do not embarrass him (he says that is not normal....really?)

*Maybe* it is not normal that I got married when I was 17 yrs old and am still madly in love with my man almost 20 yrs later. I think I read somewhere that only like 1% of teen marriages "make it". Ok, so it is not normal that our marriage has lasted.

I let my girls color their hair every color under the rainbow and let them have piercings. I DON'T encourage it, but if that is how they want to express themselves, then have at it. How could I argue when my oldest says, "mom, I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs, and I am not a whore, why can't I color my hair?" Makes sense to me! I do limit the piercings though. My middle one only has her nose pierced and REALLY wants another facial one, but I have told her she needs to wait. Wait for what, I am not sure, but she is okay with it...for now. (To be honest, I actually LOVE the fact they are comfortable expressing themselves that way.)

Despite the above, I do not color my hair and only have one piercing currently (in the cartilege of my ear). Although, I do LOVE piercings and tattoos...

I love rocks. Seriously love them. I have gone after work with a fellow nurse (while in our scrubs) down a back road and dug up rocks for our yards. I also have a rock collection and ask for others to bring me back small rocks from their travels. ROCKS ROCK!

I LOVE my kids being home from school. I get excited for summer breaks, snow days, and teacher workdays almost as much as they do!

I randomly laugh (sometimes for no reason)

I have two dream is Bumblebee (ya know, the yellow camero from Transformers) and a car that runs off of used fast food oil. Yep, I would love to own either OR BOTH!!

I REALLY want to hunt my own food. When I see a deer in a field, I don't think "Bambi", I think (and often say outloud to my kids' dismay) "DINNER!"

So, come on, seriously, do these above things make me not normal? I do not think so. I bet there are plenty of other moms out there who share in many, if not all, of the same interests that I have. But, nonetheless, my blog needed a name and I thought this one fitting (although I still think I am more normal than not!)

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